Renaissance is a celebration and a revival of the handmade.

Over the past five years Hamilton-Fisher has observed the progress of 'drawing' as it struggles to find its way into other disciplines. She feels that she is on a mission to maintain the medium of charcoal in contemporary art and to bring to attention the importance of life drawing, which has been ignored in the last fifty years in art education.

Like many contemporary artists Hamilton-Fisher looks to the past for inspiration, but adds a modern twist by

mixing the old with the new; using both classical and contemporary ideas by working with such materials and techniques as: charcoal, digital photo-prints, antique linen, poetry, lace glass and mirrors, she establishes a contradiction and melodrama in the exhibition hall.

Hamilton-Fishers aims to capture the spirit of the "Arts and Crafts" movement in our digital age and create a feeling of romantic escapism.

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